Latest Cisco CCNP Cloud 300-475 EXAM QUESTIONS [Dec-2017 Dumps]

Cisco 300-475 exam is very helpful for applicants to identify Cloud Computing Engineer, Cloud Design Architect. Applicants will also learn how to improve ACI Fabric Fundamentals. Applicants, who will clear this 300-475 Cisco Certified Network Professional Cloud certification exam, will receive CCNP Cloud certifications. CCNPtips provides you updated 300-475 exam questions for your 300-475 exam preparation.

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Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 300-475 Exam Questions:

Question: 11

As the Cisco ACI fabric administrator for a service provider, you have deployed a multitenant environment for your customers. Can a customer see the configuration of other customers’ environments and fabric configurations?

A. Yes, by default, all tenants of the fabric have administrative permissions.
B. No, read/write restrictions prevent tenants from seeing other tenants including fabric configurations.
C. No, intrusion detection devices hinder intertenant communication.
D. Yes, by extrapolating data contained in multicast encapsulated frames, a tenant can intercept data of other tenants.

Answer: B

Question: 12

Which entity manages Layer 4 to Layer 7 services in the Cisco ACI?

A. vendor
B. Cisco APIC

Answer: B

Question: 13

How can system and pod health scores be viewed?

A. GUI system dashboard
B. cumulonimbus collector
C. Cisco APIC Python
D. Cisco Health Score Viewer

Answer: A

Question: 14

New Updated 300-475 Exam Questions 300-475 PDF dumps 300-475 practice exam dumps:

Which describes gateway services in the Cisco ACI?

A. Each EPG has a dedicated anycast gateway.
B. All anycast gateways are centrally located on the spine.
C. Each subnet has an anycast gateway configured on the TOR wherever that tenant’s bridge domain exists.
D. All anycast gateways are configured on intrusion-detection devices inside the fabric.

Answer: C

Question: 15

On what does the Cisco ACI fabric object-oriented operating system run?

A. each Cisco Nexus 9000 series node
B. each Cisco Nexus 9000 leaf node
C. each Cisco Nexus 9000 spine node
D. only the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller

Answer: A

Question: 16

Which two options outline the design requirements for spine nodes in a Clos design? (Choose two.)

A. host connectivity scalability
B. spine interconnectivity
C. leaf interconnectivity
D. high 40-Gb/s port density

Answer: C, D

Question: 17

Which two options are design requirements for leaf nodes in a Cisco Clos design? (Choose two.)

A. high 40-Gb/s port density
B. spine interconnectivity
C. leaf interconnectivity
D. fabric policy enforcement

Answer: B, D

Question: 18

Which answer accurately describes the fat tree design implemented as part of the Cisco ACI fabric?

A. Clos architecture, Cisco APICs, and hosts connect to spines. Policies are enforced on leafs and spines.
B. Clos architecture, Cisco APICs, and hosts connect to leafs. Policies are enforced on leafs only.
C. Multitier architecture, Cisco APICs, and hosts connect to spines. Policies are enforced on spines only.
D. Multitier architecture, Cisco APICs, and hosts connect to leafs. Policies are enforced on leafs only.

Answer: B

Question: 19

Which three networking architectures is the Cisco ACI architecture based on? (Choose three.)

A. leaf-and-spine architecture
B. multicast gateway
C. a controller that is not involved in traffic forwarding
D. software-based mapping database lookup
E. zero-touch provisioning for all loopbacks, Layer 3 links, and routing within the fabric
F. Host-based forwarding in the mapping database that provides IP-to-VLAN tunnel endpoint mapping information to the spine

Answer: A, C, E

Question: 20

What are two benefits of the Clos architecture? (Choose two.)

A. improved fabric scalability
B. complicated network design and implementation
C. multiple nonblocking ECMP paths from all leafs
D. limited fabric scalability

Answer: A, C

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