Important Things to Know to Pass CCNP Exam

If you are a certified Cisco IT professional, it will give you a great opportunity to become an asset to any company. One of the best certification that Cisco offered is the CCNP. CCNP is a certification intended for IT professionals who are in-charge of the networking system. As compared to CCNA certification, the requirements and the exam itself isn’t that difficult. In case of CCNP, the candidate must be at least associate level technician. As you know the CCNA certification is just a prerequisite for you to acquire the CCNP exam.ccna-notes

Prerequisites of CCNP

In order to acquire the CCNP, the candidate must pass the three examinations. This is significant for the reason that the failure to pass any of the three exams can only indicate that you are not still competent to hold this certification.

Routing – This is considered as one of the toughest CCNP exams. Remember that routing is the heart of any certification from Cisco. That is why if you want to pass this examination, it is very essential if you are familiar with the concepts of routing. If you think that you are not that knowledgeable about routing then better start to study before registering for this certification. If you are knowledgeable in this area, it would be just easier for you to ace the succeeding exams.

Switching – The next CCNP exam is the switching. As compared to the first one, which is routing, it is much easier especially if you are already experienced and knowledgeable in routing. Switching exam is not difficult to pass as long as you know the basics and of course have the experience.

Basics of Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot – The troubleshooting is not an easy CCNP exam because this is where you will need to combine the concepts of routing and switching. In case there’s a problem regarding the network, all you need to do is to determine the problem and know what the best means to provide a solution is.

If you really want to pass the CCNP certification exam, the most important factor to keep in mind is to get the best study materials and guides. This will surely give you a great chance to pass the certification and have the best career in the industry of information technology. When looking for materials online, make sure to check if it is updated. You can also use books for you to understand more about the concepts of routing and switching.

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