Cisco 300-209 SIMOS Exam – A Compete Guide

Overview of the 300-209 SIMOS Exam

This exam is really helpful for network security engineers and for the people who want gain knowledge related to Virtual Private Network. Candidates after clearing this exam will earn certificate CCNP security.

300-209 SIMOS Exam information

This exam is available in two languages that are English and Japanese. The time given for the exam is 90 minutes. 300-209 SIMOS is based on 65-75 questions.

Course information

300-209 SIMOS helps candidates to learn the process of implementation of a secure remote communication network using VPN technologies. This course will also enable to polish their skills in the context of

  • VPNs routers and firewalls
  • Implementation of remote VPNs
  • Troubleshooting VPNs
  • Develop solutions for VPN problems
  • Identify functional components
  • Description of hashing and Next Generation Encryption (NGE)
  • Comparison of symmetric and asymmetric of key algorithms

Syllabus content

Topics that are included in this exam are as follows. Further related topics will also be included. The percentages with each topic represent their significance in the exam.

  • Secure communication (32%)
  • Troubleshooting, monitoring and reporting tools (38%)
  • Secure communication architectures (30%)

Intended audience

This course is highly recommended for the network security engineer and for those who want to explore the field of Virtual Private Network (VPN).This course will enable candidates to understand how to establish a secure network using VPNs. 300-209 SIMOS provides candidates with a practical experience in implementing remote access SSL. This course will play an important role in strengthening the fundamental concepts of VPNs. Through this course you can adopt advanced techniques utilized in troubleshooting, reporting, securing and monitoring the network.

Related certificate

Candidates who will clear this will not only benefit from the incredible knowledge but will also receive certification associated with CCNP security.

Preparation forĀ 300-209 SIMOS Exam

Candidates can prepare for this course through group studying or from online solution guide or else they can simply prepare through Cisco security mobility solution implementation course. In order to get the right preparation material, candidates are recommended to click the following link.

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