Latest Cisco 300-115 Exam Questions [JULY 2018 DUMPS]

Vendor Cisco
Exam Code 300-115
Full Exam Name Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks
Certification Name Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching
Technology Network Security

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Question: 6

Which option lists the steps to configure a Cisco UCS B-Series server for jumbo frames and the Cisco
Discovery Protocol?

A. On the Servers tab, set CDP enabled under the vNIC interface.
Set the vHBA MTU to 9000.
Assign the network control policy to the vHBA.
B. On the Servers tab, create a network control policy with CDP enabled.
On the vNIC select the jumbo-frame checkbox.
Assign the network control policy to the vNIC.
C. On the LAN tab, create a network control policy with CDP enabled.
Create a vNIC with an MTU of 9000.
Assign the network control policy to the vNIC.
D. On the LAN tab, create a vHBA template with an MTU of 9216.
Select the CDP checkbox.
Assign the network control policy to the vHBA.

Answer: D

Question: 7

With which three types of zoning can a Cisco UCS domain be configured? (Choose three.)

A. cloud-based Fibre Channel zoning
B. Cisco UCS local Fibre Channel zoning
C. hybrid-based Fibre Channel zoning
D. switch-based Fibre Channel zoning
E. no zoning
F. vBlock-based Fibre Channel zoning

Answer: BDE


Question: 8

Which three statements about server pools are true? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco USC Director Displays only the managed servers in a server pool, but the size of the pool
includes all servers.
B. Servers pools cannot be assigned to a Cisco USC Director group.
C. A given server can belong only to a specific server pool.
D. A server pool contains a set of servers that share the same attributes such as server type, amount
of memory, local storage, type of CPU, or local drive configuration.
E. A server pool only includes servers from a specific chassis in the system.
F. If your system implements multitenansy through organizations, you can designate one ore more
server pools to be used by a specific organization.

Answer: ADF


Question: 9

A Cisco USC Director administrator is configuring his pod on the Physical > Compute Tab. Which three
tabs are available under this menu? (Choose three.)

A. UCS Chassis
B. Datastore Capacity Report
C. CloudSense
D. Chargeback
E. Compute Servers
F. Compute Accounts

Answer: AEF

Question: 10

Which four options are required on a DCHP server to enable PXE boot? (Choose four.)

A. boot server host name (TFTP server hostname or IP address)
B. subnet mask
C. DNS server
D. lease time
E. domain name
F. bootfile name
G. router (Gateway)

Answer: ABCG

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